With friendly neighbors and a cozy urban feel, this community is one of a kind.

Called “The District’s Best Kept Secret,” American University Park is one of D.C.’s most appealing neighborhoods. Built around the acclaimed American University, this community has taken on an endearing character of its own. 

People from all around the world are drawn to this picturesque area, with its broad canopy of trees, strong community ties, and a centralized location near the city. Here are three of my favorite aspects of AU Park. 

Serene Atmosphere 

One of American University Park’s most eye-catching features is the overall atmosphere of tranquility. Just because this community is named after a university doesn’t mean it feels like one. The hustle and bustle you’d expect from the nearby college are nowhere to be found in this quaint area. 

This unique and laid-back vibe is a result of the community setup. The streets of AU Park are completely zoned for residential use, so you’ll find closely-placed houses separated by lush landscaping all within close proximity to mass transit and shopping.

Strong Community Ties

When you’re in AU Park, you’re met by smiling faces everywhere you look. This community is known for its friendliness and sense of connection, drawing residents together. The local lifestyle is cultivated by history since many families have lived near one another for generations. On the other hand, residents are heartily accepting of new neighbors, taking no time at all to stop by and say hello.

There’s a deep sense of civic pride in AU Park, and those who live there are eager to take action and band together to improve the community. There’s always a block party of barbeque happening somewhere or another.

The Colonial houses in AU Park are closely set pieces of Washington, D.C. real estate, accentuated with large porches and connecting lawns. It’s common to see neighbors socializing on the porch and bands of children playing outside on the lawns.

Easy Access to Amenities  

American University Park does have a small-scale urban essence, populated by local shops and restaurants along the neighborhood’s metropolitan border, Massachusetts Ave. Locals adore these community gems and frequently spend time at places such as Compass Coffee or DeCarlo’s Restaurant

AU Park is a comfortable walking distance away from a number of amenities, including a Whole Foods and the Tenleytown Metro station--the perfect resource for commuting to work. The Metro Red Line connects AU Park with other D.C. areas, so getting around is easier than ever.  

Getting to D.C.’s most famous attractions is quick and convenient, with Dupont Circle only a 15-minute car ride away. The famous Smithsonian Zoo and the gorgeous Rock Creek Park are a mere 10-minute drive. 

If you’re searching for the D.C. neighborhood that’s right for you, look no further than American University Park. To learn more about this lovely community, contact me today. It would be my pleasure to introduce you to the neighborhood. Looking for Washington DC real estate, visit David Hatef's property page today.