Plan your next move the right way by deciding how much space you really need.

Today’s luxury real estate market includes everything from mega-mansions to tiny houses. As times change and designs expand, there is no longer a set standard for luxury living. It all depends on your personal situation, so the question you should ask yourself is, “How do I find the perfect home for me?”

When you’re planning to move into a new home, resizing is an important consideration. Is it better to downsize or upsize? Deciding on the best plan for you is a fundamental aspect of finding the home of your dreams. 

Ask yourself these three fundamental questions to right-size your living space. 

How Am I Using My Current Space? 

The first step is an evaluation. Take the time to look around your home, and assess how you’re using your space. Think about your habits and usual routines. Where do you spend most of your time? How does a typical day go? What do you need more of, and where do you need less? 

You might come to find that you are only utilizing a limited portion of your home. Conversely, you might be using the full extent of your space and need to expand. Reflecting on how you currently live can help you figure out next steps. 

What Am I Planning For in the Future?  

Changing the size of your living quarters can act as a positive step for your family’s future. Major changes in life can alter your space requirements, so remember to plan ahead. Factoring in the future will ensure that your decision stays relevant within life’s twists and turns.  

For instance, if you plan to be traveling often, it might work well to be in a smaller home. Thinking about having children? You might need more than just one bedroom. If your kids will be visiting often from college, you’ll need room to comfortably accommodate them. If you plan on having frequent visitors, you’ll need guest rooms and additional bathrooms, too. 

All these possibilities delineate your space requirements. A home is a long-term decision, so make sure it is made wisely. 

What Are My Preferences?

On top of all the logical facts, don’t forget to consider your personal likes and dislikes. You might find that you already have an inherent preference toward smaller or larger homes. Maybe you want to switch it up and try something totally new. Deeply consider this, and if applicable, talk to all participants about how they feel. In the end, the decision on a new house is meant to bring joy and fulfillment. 

There are pros and cons to both upsizing and downsizing, so it all depends on what best fits into your lifestyle. For more tips on finding a new home, check out our blog

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