Stay up-to-speed on the latest residential design trends anticipated for 2019

Whether you’re building a home, remodeling a property in one of the District’s historic neighborhoods, or simply like to keep up with the latest design trends, knowing what’s up-and-coming and how to incorporate those trends into your everyday life can be challenging. To help, we’ve curated some of the top residential design trends we’re watching for 2019. 

Statement Walls 

A statement wall has always been a great way to add high drama to any small space, but in 2019 watch for statement walls to expand —even to the ceiling. Bold wallpaper, bright colors, unusual textures, these are the things great statement walls are made of and in 2019, it’s likely you’ll see more and more of them. If you’re not too sure about wallpaper on your ceiling or a bold paint in your bedroom, try this trend in a smaller space like your powder room.


White and Grey Marble 

This is a timeless classic that has made a comeback in recent years. Many designers predict white and grey marble will continue its prevalence in both bathrooms and kitchens throughout 2019. What’s great about this material is that it can go from modern to traditional, and it’s often a great selling feature that buyers love. There are also man-made options, like quartz, that give a similar look but are a bit more practical in certain applications. 

Open-Concept Designs 

The open-concept living room has been around for a while, but designers have started incorporating an open-concept into areas you may not traditionally think of as “open” spaces —like the bathroom and bedroom. Walk-in showers that are open to the rest of the bathroom. Unique privacy glass or artistic interpretations of walls separating the bathroom from the bedroom. Watch for more openness in 2019. 

Compact and Multifunctional Furnishings 

Recently, furniture designers have started taking urban city dwellers (and their space constraints) into consideration when designing furnishings. There has been a big movement in providing multi-purpose and functional furniture that not only fits size constraints, but that gives homeowners versatile options for use. With a large portion of the population living in dense, urban environments, it’s not unreasonable to think this trend will continue in 2019. 

Sustainable and Natural Fabrics 

The movement towards natural and sustainable fabrics has amplified in recent years, as homeowners embrace the idea of making their home a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle. What’s great about this trend is the fact that these natural textures are easily incorporated into so many design styles —from Modern to French Country and Mid-Century to Boho. If you’re ready to try out this trend, don’t be afraid to mix your fabrics and textures for a truly unique-to-you style.