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Latest insights into Washington real estate market.

Increase Your Home's Value with These 6 Tips

One of the joys of homeownership is the ability to make improvements to your house—customizing and perfecting it until it’s a shining example of your personality and lifestyle.

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Georgetown's Waterfront Dining Hot Spots: 7 Places to Eat

Located in the historic community of Georgetown, Washington Harbour is the District’s premier destination for waterfront entertainment.

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4 Ways to Relax and Unwind in Logan Circle

Whether you’re looking for a way to unwind after work or seeking a weekend getaway, there are plenty of ways to kick back and enjoy your time away from the commotion of the city here in Logan Circle, one of Washington’s premier luxury communities.

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Explore Cleveland Park: 5 Things to Love

Developed as a streetcar “suburb” in the 1890s, Cleveland Park dons its name in honor of President Grover Cleveland, who owned a summer estate in the northwest quadrant of the District.

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Holiday Guests? Add These 6 DC Ice Rinks to Your Activity List

It’s the time of year for holiday guests, family get-togethers, and of course, ice skating. Here are just a few of the D.C. ice rinks that are havens for holiday cheer.

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Add These 6 Must-See Winter Events in DC to Your Calendar

From the National Christmas Tree to some quiet time in the country’s finest museums, there are a wealth of must-see winter events and attractions in Washington, D.C.

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5 Can't-Miss Historic Neighborhoods in DC

Whether you’re in the market for a historic home or simply want to explore these stunning neighborhoods on foot to take in all their splendor, here are a few of the can’t-miss historic neighborhoods of D.C.

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Thinking About Purchasing a Historic Home in D.C.? Consider This First

With nearly 30,000 properties—or 20% of the city—designated as historic throughout the D.C. area, it’s not unreasonable to think (if you’re shopping for D.C. real estate) that a historic home may be in your future.

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These are the 5 Residential Design Trends We’re Watching for 2019

Stay up-to-speed on the latest residential design trends anticipated for 2019.

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